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Command line to kill dllhost.dll


As any user of Orion 8.x can attest the problem with the error "Cannot load network map..." can be exasperating. I saw somewhere in Thwack that this was associated with a memory leak in the 'dllhost.exe' process. If you kill the process then refresh all is well.

I also saw a supposed work around to modify the COM+ pool - which did not work at my site. It only made things worse.

In any case we started to use the following command from a priveledged command prompt to kill the process which then will start a new one.

taskkill /s \\ /IM dllhost.exe /FI "USERNAME EQ SOLARWINDS_WEBSITE"servername

  • That is a very clever work around.

    I have this same issue, however

    go to Administrative tools -> Component Services -> Com+ applicaiton -> right click on Solarwinds Orion NPM -> Properties.

    under pooling and recycling tab -> LifeTime Limit(minutes) ->

    set the current value to 1440.

    worked magic for me. I have to go back and redo this after each service pack or config wizard run...I might adopt your method instead.