monitor the status of a link

Is it possible to monitor the status of a link between network objects ( link Cisco LMS) in Orion NPM ?


  • By, link are you referring to the status of the two interfaces involved?

  • I am the administrator of  X1 ,X2 ,X3, X4 ,X5 and X6 Routers.

    So I can monitor links between them . but I have no access to the routers between X3 and X4 . So for example all of my routers interfaces are up but if any problem exist Between X3 and X4 I can not find with this type of monitoring . I want to know the link status between all of my routers including X3 and X4 . How can I do that ?

    thank you



    X1------------X2-------------X3    MPLS  or Other    X4------------------- X5----------------X6


  • I see your point. We could actually use monitoring like this too. We had a situation where a circuit wasn't passing traffic, but hte interface was still up. We were still able to reach the remote router via a secondary (backup) circuit. Therefore, we never recevied any alert.

    I think you would have to minitor the routing somehow. Has anyone else been able to monitor routing for a scenario like this?

  • Any uipdates on this?

    I have a similar need.  The issue with trying to detemine the ability of a Ethernet connection being able to actually pass traffic is hard because the router Inteface shows UP UP but won't pass traffic IF the up stream device is having issue.  Like a NTU or another router.  So even though the Interface is UP UP, no traffic passes.  NO alert from SW.

    The only way I can see to get an accurate condition is to Ping the IP address of the Interface.

    So can you ping multiple Interfaces from SW other than the IP address you used when adding the node?

  • You could add the node in multiple times with different IP addresses.

    I've got the same issue as DirtySouth and the only way I've figured out to get an alert is to use syslog alerting. When the link stops routing (but the interface stays up) it logs a message in syslog. I then log an email alert against that message.