95th Percentile Circuit Report based on local site business hours

This report is written to show 95th percentile data during local site business hours (8am to 6pm) Monday thru Friday.   Both the hours and the days can easily be modified based on your needs.  It uses custom properties based off of GMT time.  I have included a short readme file and a screen shot example of the interface custom properties I used to build the report.



95th Percentile during Business Hours.zip
  • The first upload had a problem with monthbegin function. I have since corrected so please re-download the zip if you ran into an error while trying to install that function into db.
  • Invalid column name FunctionCode when trying to install/run 95th_percentile_report_-_Last_month. Any ideas? TIA
  • That error would occur when you haven't created all of the Custom Properites I listed in the readme. I also gave a screenshot of all the properties. Once you create those and populate the ones you want on the repot that error should go away
  • Oops, you are right. It was a typo on my part for the FunctionCode property. Thanks!
  • First of all, I have to apologize for lack of my knowledge of Solarwinds Report. I'm new to Solarwinds. I have downloaded your useful reports to the current solarwinds server Version 8.5.1. And it only shows Burst and CIR value. Can you guess what I had done wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi and thanks so much for sharing this with the community. I am running Orion v10 SP1, trying to follow the directions. I wonder if there has been a change in the Report Writer that is affecting the functions because when I try to open them using Report Writer to execute them, the Report Writer application tells me that it cannot open those files. Also, when I cut and paste the code into a Custom SQL report and click Execute, it gives me an error saying "SQL Error: Incorrect syntax near '<' ", which is the first character of the file (as seen in Notepad). When i cut and paste this code into the Solarwinds Database Manager, I also get an error. So basically not able to execute the functions, so I am curious if its something with version 10 that has changed or what I may be doing wrong (am I supposed to cut out parts of the code on those functions? for example?). Thanks.
  • Just want to add that I could NOT open 95th_Percentile_Report_-_Last_Month.OrionReport on Report Writer. Also, when I srtipped out the beginning and ending metadata looking part on monthbegin.OrionReport, and executed that using Report Writer custom SQL, it gave back an error saying that that object already exists in the database. I followed all the directions in the README, thanks so much, just curious what I may be doing wrong. Thanks.
  • Is this report changed as weekly instead of monthly report? If it is, which vaules in the SQL statements have to be changed ??

  • This looks like a good report even though implementation is not simple.
    What are consequences of keeping all interfaces In EST? and allowing the EDT to occur automatically. My network exists completely in eastern timezone so it seems pointless to introduce the timezone change to GMT.
    To retain local time, would I need to compensate elsewhere in the SQL?
  • Thank you so much for this content. We've been struggling with this for some time now.
    I too would love to be able to view a weekly version of this report. Or have the ability to specifiy, Last 1 week last, 2 weeks or last 3 weeks. Does any one know how I could modify the functions to allow for this.

    Thanks again !