Custom SQL...Graph?

Greetings Gentlemen,

This might take a minute to explain, so please bear with me.

So I've got Avaya phones. This obviously leads to some compatibility issues with SolarWinds, so I have to do some magical things to make polling worth it for this system. One of the things I've gone and done now is create UnDP's that return a table that contains the current status of each active channel on each individual trunk from our Avaya systems, with a separate UnDP per trunk.

What I wanted from this information is basically a poll to find the quantity of ACTIVE channels, per trunk, per poll period. So here's the query I built to achieve these results:

# NOTE: Line 6, '%AvayaTrunk#%', # is substituted on a trunk-by-trunk basis to specify desired results.

SELECT DATEADD(MINUTE, DATEDIFF(minute, 0, cpsd.DateTime),0) AS Time,

count(CASE WHEN cpsd.Status LIKE '%active%' THEN 1 ElSE 0 END) AS Quantity

FROM [dbo].[CustomPollerStatistics_Detail] AS cpsd

JOIN CustomPollerAssignment AS cpa ON cpsd.CustomPollerAssignmentID = cpa.CustomPollerAssignmentID

JOIN CustomPollers AS cp ON cpa.CustomPollerID = cp.CustomPollerID

WHERE cp.UniqueName LIKE '%AvayaTrunk#%'

AND cpsd.Status LIKE '%active%'

GROUP BY cpsd.DateTime

ORDER BY cpsd.DateTime DESC


I then threw this in the web based Report Writer and got some fancy graphs that give me exactly what I want.


How can I display this data as a graph on the node's page? Or for that matter, even a summary page?

1. The web-based Report Writer is not an option at all for custom resources, thus I cannot apply this report as a resource on my Avaya node or on a summary page...I can only retrieve this data via the actual web report.

2. The application Report Writer can be used as a custom resource, but as far as I know, I cannot graph the results, and can only retrieve them as a table.

3. Creating a custom SWQL resource also nets me a simple table, and not a graph.

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide!