NCM Failed backups


I need a report on failed NCM backs of all NCM devices. Please help me with a query (SQL or SWQL)

Also, I have a requirement on custom alert where if NCM backup is failing then it should send an email notification.

Can anyone please suggest?

Thanks in Advance.

  • For the NCM backup failing, you see that with the built-in Notification Details for the job. It will send you a summary of the job with failures at the top as an email. If you want only the failures, check the box.


    Here are two SWQL Query widgets I have on my NCM Summary page, that work for us.

    NCM Not Backed Up - Shows NCM backups that have issues logging in.

         NodeProperties.Nodes.Caption AS [Node], 
    --	 NodeID, 
    --	 CoreNodeID,   
    	 '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + NodeProperties.Nodes.StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Node],
    	 NodeProperties.Nodes.Vendor as [Vendor], 
    	 LoginStatus as [Reason],  
    	 NodeProperties.Nodes.DetailsUrl as [_linkfor_Node], 
    	 '/NetPerfMon/images/Vendors/' + NodeProperties.Nodes.VendorIcon as [_IconFor_Vendor]
    FROM NCM.NodeProperties
    where LoginStatus != 'Login OK'
    ORDER BY [Node]

    Missing From NCM - Cisco nodes that are not in NCM

    Caption, IP_Address, Vendor, MachineType, DetailsURL as [_linkfor_Caption], '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + StatusIcon AS [_IconFor_Caption], '/NetPerfMon/images/Vendors/' + VendorIcon as [_IconFor_Vendor]
    FROM Orion.Nodes
    AND Vendor = 'Cisco'
    AND Category <> '0'
    AND MachineType not like '%6248UP%'

  • Thank you for responding.

    This query helped me out. 

    Can you also help me to modify the query just to show the count of Successful and failed NCM backups please? 

  • I have a report we use that I shared here: 

    It shows various bits that we find useful (i.e. machine type to see if it's a common issue across a specific vendor / type), but the key bits are Node name, IP, last running, last startup, error and status. This last is useful for seeing if a node is down then there is probably no point in investigating.

    One issue we recently picked up using this is the the default template for nexus nodes stopped backing up the startup config. A quick edit of the template fixed that.

    There's also a JOIN to custom properties to aid filtering as you might prefer.

  • You can easily put the query into a report which you have eMailed after your backups have completed each day/week/etc