Cisco 2960 NCM

Hi there

I am trying to setup NCM to automatically download our configurations and its not working. 

I keep getting a 

 Config not downloaded. Check commands or file names and retry.
Connectivity issues, discarding configuration (or configuration is too short)

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks

  • Might be helpful with some screenshots showing your current settings, but let me try and assist as we have a few 2960's still around.

    First off, you need to edit the node properties and confirm your desired connection profile is in place:

    And then click that test button. Once you get a green you are good to go. If you don't get a green then depending on the message, check the output via the supplied link under test successful.

    You may need to adjust your CLI Device Template. I've found, so long as you haven't disabled it, then the 'Auto Determine' setting for Cisco's works 99 times out of 100. If that doesn't work then change it to an appropriate Cisco template.

    Once the above are in place head over to Config Management and try a download. 

    If all that works, then you just need to set up a job to do this as often as you'd like.


  • Additionally to what Stuart suggested I would advise getting familiar with Session Traces:

    Generate session trace logs for NCM and NPM modules

    In any case, you can also turn to Technical Support for assistance.