250 THWACK Points for SNMP Walks

We need your help! The NCM team is looking for SNMP walks* from devices that show up in the following NCM Inventory reports:

  • GTM Object Activity
  • Cisco Catalyst Cards
  • Brocade Agent Config Module
  • Brocade Chassis Serial Number
  • Brocade Chassis Unit Serial Number 

If you have devices that show up in those reports, follow these instructions on collecting SNMP MIB walks and send files to tulsi.patel@solarwinds.com. Please include your THWACK username in the email to receive 250 THWACK points.

Thanks in advance for your help.


*What is an SNMP Walk?

It’s the simple way to set up the collection of information from routers, switches, or other SNMP enabled devices. The SNMP walk will allow us to see all of the OID parameters available on the device so that we can build features pertaining to those devices.