Help with NCM and Palo Alto firewalls

G'day all.

I'm not having much success getting NCM working correctly with my PA-3220 firewalls running version 9.0.12.

  1. The "Policy" tab doesn't work with an error stating there's a problem communicating with the Orion server generated when clicking it. Support have said it's because we have policies that have policy actions of "reset-both". I contacted support and they tell me this action is not supported but a work-around is to create 2 policies - one with "reset-server" & one with "reset-client". This is serioulsly not an acceptable workaround in a production environment with many policies! Does anyone have this working with later versions of PanOS? I'm not sure the response from Support is correct.
  2. The running config is downloaded in XML format but this causes issues where the compliance rules don't work as they cannot parse XML configs. I've tried downloading the running config in different formats but they still save as XML. The response from Support is that XML configs are not supported but didn't provide any other suggestions. Has anyone got this working?

It seems there is a lot of work to be done on the compatibility between NCM and Palo Alto devices and Solarwinds hasn't kept up with the newer versions of PanOS.

If anyone can assist me with the above I'd really appreciate it as it seems that support on this product is quite sub-par.