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I get locked out of my Active Directory account because Orion is storing old password

I don't have full access to everything in Orion so I get prompted for a username and password when I go into the System Configuration tab. When I enter my username and password it gives me an error message. "The specifed credentials are invalid. Please specify a valid Orion NCM user and password"

I have access to other tabs but not the configs tab.

When I have to change my AD password and then open Orion my AD password gets locked out. I suppose because the old password is still in the configs tab.  If I try to clear the username and password in the configs tab it won't let me. error: The Orion server cannot access the SolarWinds Information Service. The exact error was 'The username cannot be empty.'

I can put the new password in everytime my AD password changes but since I don't have access to configs tab anyway it just seems annoying.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

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