Blank page in NTA

I have several Cisco routers and switches that are successfully sending Netflow data to NTA. I'm able to see Netflow data for the entire device, but I have two issues when trying to look at the device more granularly:

  1. I get a blank page when I choose a specific interface on the router or switch.
  2. When I specify a timeframe (something other than the default "last 1 hour"), the Top 10 conversations does not show that timeframe - it only shows the previous hour from the time I'm viewing the page

This only seems to happen with our Cisco devices. We have several Palo Alto firewalls sending Netflow successfully and I'm able to drill down to specific time frames and see data for specific interfaces and subinterfaces from the Palo Altos.

We are running version 2020.2.6 HF4:

Maybe a Cisco bug?