NTA conversation, throughput value change if the period is increased


Could you please help me to understand why if I put one or 2 days period I have 20mbps of troughput (over 100mbps bandwidth) for 2 endpoints conversation :


And if I put more than 3 day in the absolute period, the throughput value is decreased, example here 4 days ?


And if I increase again the period, example to 10 days, the value is decreased more and more.

For my side it should stick to the same value ? Which value do I have to rely on ?

Thanks by advance,

  • Hi, 

    Second chart has different granularity on time axis so the speed is calculate for for bigger time chunk.

    I can see on the first chart there are two spikes. Those are aggregated together on second chart because granularity has bigger time chunks so

    calculation is giving you smaller speed.

    You may specify smaller range in absolute time filter in order to get finer granularity so same spikes will be visible as on first chart and you should then to see same speed calculations.

    Regards Radek

  • Ok now I understand better ! That makes sense.

    Many thanks Radek.