How can I create individual charts for individual interfaces?

I need to monitor, analyze and display the traffic (application) of 2 different interfaces of 2 different Cisco routers. I

have configured the netflow in the routers. NTA is showing the traffics in a combined way, i.e. in a single pie chart.

How can I create two different pie charts for two different interfaces in a single view and place them side by side?

  • I believe this is what you're looking for:

    Add endpoint-centric resources - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

    Ninja Edit:  Just saw the other end of this having them side by side in the same view, that would be the trickier part.  I will meditate on this and see if anything shakes loose, but otherwise those resources are what you want, they will just show at the interface level and you would have to open a view for each interface.

  • The other piece I have to offer is the Custom Object Resource, but it doesn't necessarily have flow related data.  If you're mostly looking at bits and other metrics it may work for your needs:

    Specify what a Custom Object resource displays - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

  • First part is getting your Sources into Netflow; point your NetFlow at the Orion Server.

    Second is to notate your Address Ranges, Server IP's and Port Details (via Netflow Applications) that you want to be able to see in your graphs and charts

    1st - From the Netflow Summary -> Netflow Sources (Widget) -> Blue Link to 'Manage Sources'

    2nd - Netflow Settings -> 2 sections you need

    first visit - IP Adress Groups -> Manage IP Address Groups

      - Add your Address Groups

         - User Groups - Add Ranges for Specific User Groups/User VLANS you want to track traffic for

         -  Add Application IP Address or Range if distributed app

         - Click option to Display on Top XX Resources

    Then Visit - Application And Service Ports -> click blue link 'Choose the applications and ports that you want to monitor'

         - Pick out IP/Range of App

         - Add Port Used for app communication

    Now you can use the NetFlow Navigator to setup specific pages for these apps and user ip ranges that use the app.

    Or Create a Custom Summary with needed widgets filtered to proper details.

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