kiwi syslog not working!! 'syslogd service' running but all configuration changes and testing facilities fail to connect

Can anybody riddle me this please? why is it not working? 

hosted on windows 7

**kiwi syslog manage faciticites

'syslogd service' stop = works

'syslogd service' start = works

'syslogd service' state = running

'syslogd service' ping  = fail

**kiwi syslog file facilities

'send test message to local host' = fail (no output displayed)

**the amount of syslog message buffers free = 0%

**all test/debug/config facilities return 'the syslogd service failed to respond'

**nothing in error logs

 **Tried changing setup configuration as peer troubleshooting guide but connection to syslogd services fails so I assume commands not commited.

 **Ran netstat -aon and checked the PID for udp-514 crossreferenced in task manager and correct mappings to syslogd_service.exe exist.

Any offers on how to get this working? going to the highest bidder!! lol