Kiwi Syslog Server Console - Remote Usage

I have a few administrators here that all want to use the Kiwi Syslog Server Console at their desks.

Is it possible to connect to the server console remotely?  And can multiple admins use the console at once?

Also, the Web Access to Kiwi seems to be limited.  It appears that not all the data goes to the Web access console.  - Is that a true statement?

Example:  Server Console I can setup filters and actions and set these to a display.  I don't seem to be able to do this in Web Access.  Is this  a true statement?

Because I would really like to see defined display actions in web access.

Thanks in advance.


  • It sounds as if you would like to allow multiple people to RDP to the server at the same time and launch the console? If that is the case you can increase the number of allowed RDP sessions above the default 2. If you Google Enable Multiple RDP Sessions you can quickly find out how to do it with your operating system. I never had any trouble opening multiple consoles so think the only limitation is the default RDP limit. 

  • You should be aware that enabling multiple RDP sessions to a machine only increases the number of simultaneous connections from a single user.  There is still a 2 user limit for windows boxes without turning up terminal services and using the requisite CALs.

  • Yeah.  I think my co-workers were thinking we could connect to the server console, like we connect with the web console.  


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