kiwi log web access can't login with default (Administrator) account

Hi guys,

I've Installed the kiwisyslog eval version 9.7.2 and setup the web access with the installation wizard.

the installation went along fine and as instructed I put in a password for the default admin account.

after opening up a browser trying to log in to the web access I can't seem to log in with the password I've setup.

After a few failed login attempts, I tried resetting the password by stopping the services and rerunning the setup in syslogd\setup folder and still it doesn't work.

since I'm testing on a VM I reverted to a previous snapshot and did another install and made sure I've saved the password on a notepad just to be absolutely certain.

but even after all this I still can't seem to log in to web access

If I put in incorrect password it shows "51 authentication failed: incorrect username/password", and when correct credentials are put in it just sees to refresh to login screen.

btw the once a login is attempted the url turns to this "">localhost:8088/Gateway.aspx

hope you guys can advice on how to solve this matter