replace NPM syslog with Kiwi syslog

Hi, we need a longer retention period for our syslog messages so we are thinking to use kiwi syslog server.

can i run kiwi on the same server where solarwinds is installed ? kiwi will replace totally the solarwinds syslog ?

Thank you!

  • I would not recommend running Kiwi on the same server as NPM. I think you would see degraded performance.

    Kiwi does not directly integrate with NPM if that is what you are asking. Typically what a deployment would look like is Kiwi on one server and NPM on a second server. Point all syslog and traps to the Kiwi server. Then within Kiwi forward any important messages over to NPM.

    But to view "All" syslog messages you would need to log into the Kiwi web interface or Kiwi server itself.