Cisco CUE offline check

This script was originally developed for a customer who was having issues with his CUE devices not returning correctly from being offline.

The script will check to see if the CUE is offline and if so it will issue the continue command and re-check. It will issued the continue command and re-check up to three times before failing out and raising an error.

You will need to be running at least version 3.3.17 of CatTools for this to work.

To use the script make a folder called UserScripts in your main CatTools folder and copy the CiscoCUEOfflineChecking.txt file into it.

In your list of commands for the Device.CLI.Send Commands activity add the below line.

%ctRunExternalScript("C:\Program Files\CatTools3\UserScripts\CiscoCUEOfflineChecking.txt")

For more information on running external scripts in CatTools see the link below;

CUE Offline