Activity Report.Version table fails with APC AP9630 UPS Network Management Card 2


The Activity Report.Version table fails with the new APC UPS Network Management Card 2 model AP9630 (AOS 5.x). The error is Failed to determine device prompt anchor point - Most likely reason is timeout. The reason is clear: APC has changed the telnet interface of the management card COMPLETELY. It's not a 1 2 3 4 menu, but now it uses commands. For example:

User Name : admin
Password  : *****

American Power Conversion               Network Management Card AOS      v5.0.3
(c) Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved  Smart-UPS & Matrix-UPS APP       v5.0.3
Name      : UPS01                                 Date : 02.03.2010
Contact   : -                                         Time : 11:53:39
Location  : SOMEWHERE                                     User : Administrator
Up Time   : 11 Days 2 Hours 39 Minutes                Stat : P+ N+ A+

E000: Success
Name:     UPS01
Contact:  -
DateTime: 02.03.2010:11:53:43
User:     Administrator
Up Time:  11 Days 2 Hours 39 Minutes
Stat:     P+ N+ A+
Bootmon:  bootmon:v1.0.0
AOS:      aos:v5.0.3
App:      sumx:v5.0.3


Network Management Card Commands:
?           about       alarmcount  boot        cd          date
delete      dir         eventlog    exit        format      ftp
help        ping        portspeed   prompt      quit        radius
reboot      resetToDef  system      tcpip       user        web
xferINI     xferStatus

Device Commands:

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  • I have read somewhere on the APC site that they are supporting both interfaces Menu and new CLI; although I couldn't determine whether this is on specific devices/modules/cards or across the board.

    It may be best you try contacting APC support and see if you can get clarification.

    Please post back your finding to this forum either way.