Audible Alarm - IPMonitor 9


We require an audible alarm to go off when we lose a site. At the moment we have an email alert that goes out when we lose a site.

If we enable the Audio alarm for the NOC screen, it goes off everytime the page refreshes. We only want it to go off once, when the site initially goes down.

I tried using the executable feature under Alerts to run a script that will play a sound on our Wall Display PC. This doesn't work but the script does work if run manually. I am not sure if the executable feature under alerts, runs a program on the IPMonitor Server or the remote machine that has gone down.

I am sure someone must have got a sinle alarm to go off when a site goes down. Can anyone offer any advice on this? Is there an easier way to do it? At the moment, I have a script on the IPMonitor Server that will play a sound on the wall display. The script uses PSEXEC to execute the command on the wall display PC.

Any help would be very helpful and much appreciated.