How many tables IPAM module creates on the database


We are looking to deploy the IPAM module on a shared SQL server which have NCM database & many other databases shared by other application. This is a SQL Server enterprise and can't increase the resources on this server. Would there be any performance issues if we deploy IPAM database on this server?

Also, another option we have is to we can have another SQL standard database server and we can move the NCM database on this server and deploy the IPAM module also on this database server. But, here we have to move the NCM from SQL enterprise to SQL standard DB so not sure if there would be any issues in migration or performance issue since we are downgrading from SQL Enterprise to SQL Standard. Can you please enlighten which is better option. 



  • Hi

    First of all, most Orion modules share the same database. So NCM and IPAM will end up in the same database. So no new database if you install IPAM in an existing Orion installation. 

    Performance between standard and enterprise SQL does not differ that much in it self. Enterprise CAN USER more hardware than standard and also has some other features. But in the end it comes down to how much hardware you have on each SQL, how much load does the other databases produce and how large is your Orion installation. 

    So it's not a question about standard vs enterprise here. 

    How many tables IPAM creats, shouldn't matter that much but it's about 50 new tables.

  • Hi,

    Currently NCM module is deployed with 1200 nodes and we are planning to deploy IPAM module. We have only application server (main polling engine) and database server.

    Currently the SolarWinds Orion DB ( MSSQL 2016 Enterprise version)  is deployed on a win 2019 server , in which there are 70+ other databases are already running. This is in SQL always on mode.

    We have to decide the additional hardware resource sizing for the SolarWinds Orion Database server if we install IPAM module.

    We have around 8000 used IPs and not sure about unused IPS for the environment, it can go 30000+.

    We have 8 core vcpu, 128 GB memory and disk Free space for SQL Data 117GB and  SQLLog 75gb. However 70+ databases are also already running on the server.

    Do we need to increase hardware size for DB server or we are good to go ahead with the existing hardware sizing ?

    Other option is to build a separate SQL standard server and migrate the current NCM deployment to that server and then use that database for IPAM deployment. 

    Please advise which would be better option in terms of performance.  

  • Hi,

    Even though you provided good information it's still impossible to say. Those other 70+ databases could be huge or tiny. The size of them and the current load on SQL will decide what you need to do. 

    Around 70 db's and probably some of them have some size, I would say that 128 GB RAM is probably a bit to little as it is. 

    Adding IPAM will not, in my experiance, put a high extra load on SQL. If Orion is running ok right now I would add IPAM at current SQL. Try that and if it feels to slow you can plan to move it later.