"IP Address Request" section - Lack of Filters for Users

Hi All,

I've setup "IP Request Settings" in IPAM and the users can select specific subnets.

Now, when a user logs into Solarwinds and clicks on "Request IP Address", the user fills the form in and they are taken onto the next page. One this there is very limit information/detail shown to the user. The problem i have is i'd like the user to see more information e.g. "description" which has been populated with meaningful data in the "Manage Subnets & IP Addresses" section. Is this possible? The reason for asking is this is because this page shows 3 columns only (all has been removed from the image below as it's sensitive data!) 

Has anyone had this issue before??


Column 1 - the IP with CIDR e.g.,

Column 2 - filter information (as highlighted in using the red line below)

Column 3 - how many addresses are free in the subnet in Column 1