SWQL query to get node-related IPAM network name

So we have a lot of networks in IPAM and I need to gather all NPM nodes, related to certain subnets.
I made a draft, but since Solarwinds doesn't support subqueries with more than 1 returned value, it is very ugly:

  [Subnet].FriendlyName AS [SUB]
, Nodes.Caption
, Nodes.DNS
, Nodes.IP
, Nodes.CustomProperties.City
, 'https://domain'+Nodes.DetailsUrl AS [URL]
, Nodes.Status
, Nodes.CustomProperties.NodeRole

FROM Orion.Nodes AS [Nodes]
  ON [Nodes].ip = [IP].IPAddress
LEFT JOIN IPAM.GroupReport AS [Subnet]
  ON [Subnet].GroupId = [IP].SubnetID

--WHERE [Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name'

[Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name1' OR
[Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name2' OR
[Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name3' OR
~100 strings like that
[Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name104' OR
[Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name105' OR
[Subnet].FriendlyName = 'ipam_network_name106'
Could you tell me please how to optimise this?
As a result I just wanna have an additional column with IPAM Network name near every node.
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