Imported supernets/subnets are not scanned


I have imported e.g. the attached file (screenshot), but it seems that none of these supernet/subnets are scanned. The complete files contains 2369 supernet/subnet.

I't seems that it's only discovered subnets that are scanned and not manually imported via file supernet/subnet

Am I doing something wrong ?



  • Hi there -

    You may be hitting a bug I saw recently. I'm not sure if it's fixed in 2020.2 and/or if there's a hotfix for 2019.4 yet (I haven't checked since I worked with support on this last year.) I was on Orion Platform 2019.4 HF3, IPAM 2019.4 HF1 and was seeing imported subnets not being scanned. From everything I could tell, the subnets got imported correctly, however weren't being scanned. Every other subnet was getting scanned so I knew there wasn't a larger issue occurring. Initially I did some digging in the database and found that the subnets were getting assigned some obscure Orion Engine ID that did not exist. It was very perplexing. So I decided to test flipping the Engine ID of one subnet that was having the issue, to a valid Engine ID in Orion and it fixed it.

    So long story short, after working with support at the time and going to development with my diagnostics my fix was to manually edit the database.

    I recommend checking with SolarWinds support on this before assuming that's still the case. If it is, this is what I ran in SQL to fix it. Either via SSMS or the SolarWinds Database Manager.

    First query the database to determine subnets not assigned a valid Orion Engine ID. Make note of the (invalid) EngineId and subnets you need to update.

    SELECT EngineId, GroupId, ParentId, GroupType, Address, CIDR, VLAN FROM dbo.IPAM_Group
    WHERE EngineId NOT IN (SELECT EngineId FROM dbo.Engines)

    Then determine the Orion Engine ID that you need to assign from this query of the Engines table.

    SELECT EngineID, ServerName, IP, ServerType FROM dbo.Engines

    Then update the Orion Engine ID as needed. I had some that needed different engines depending on local so I limited my scope to certain address ranges. In the example below, I'm changing the invalid Engine ID from 1020 to 6.

    UPDATE dbo.IPAM_Group
    SET EngineId = 6
    WHERE Address LIKE '172.16.%.%' AND EngineId = 1020

    I hope this may help, even if not directly your issue... I wish you the best of luck!!

  • I found out that IPAM is only scanning subnet, NOT supernet......that sucks.

    Meaning that I can't create a supnetnet (to later on to split into smaller subnets). and it's still not possible to change a supernet into a subnet and vice versa.