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IPAM Subnet Search

Is there a way to search on subnet details?  I only see options to search for IP addresses and their associated fields.

We have a large network with many remote locations.  It would be extremely useful to be able to search for that location name, already in the subnet description, and get those subnets in the results.



  • I totally agree this is a required feature.

    Navigating through thousands of subnets would be much easier if we could just search by the subnet name, rather than specific IP's in a subnet.

  • I also fully agree and this is something we want to improve in the near future.

  • Subnet AND Supernet searching ABSOLUTELY.  We add descriptions to both.  I would like a QUICK way to search subnets/supernets by IP address (within subnet) or description.

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    Its very strange that you are not able to search for subnets directly.

    I think it's very broken not to have that functionality, getting pages on pages of single IP addresses is just frustrating.

    Could it be that hard to implement? Just another search field option in the search function.

    big love to SW if they fix this asap

  • Another option would be a bread crumb trail or folder structure at the top of the page.

    You are here: Group>Supernet>Subnet>IP-Address

    Another feature missing is being able to e-mail links to other users.

    Example: here is the subnet/IP info you requested http://orionserver/ipam/Group/Supernet/Subnet-ID

    While we are talking about GUI improvements, see also this post:

    Losing your spot after viewing a subnet or IP and hitting the back button is a real time hog.

    Thanks for listening.

  • I was poking around the database today trying to locate where it saves supernet information, and I was not able to find it.  I have been trying to come up with a way to make IPAM more useful for our network department, and I was messing around with using supernets to reserve network blocks.  My thought was that I could have a section that contained subnets for the server teams to add their reservations, and then the network team would have a section with the less specific supernets that we are more concerned with tracking.

    Being able to report on supernet utilization would an amazing feature for us.

  • What I started doing is to create a supernet with a description when I want to reserve IP space for a purpose.  I create a subnet when addresses are actually allocated and the subnet is "live".  Typically that's when our core routers learn the route, but some subnets are NATed or hidden.

  • I wish this would work for us, but I have multiple other groups that use the system that wouldn't like seeing everything in what would be a logical layout for the network team.

    The problem we have lies with the divergent needs of the people using the tool.  Server teams would like everything organized by ServerGroup>site>subnet, which does nothing for the network team who are concerned with what supernets we have allocated.  At this point we are maintaining IPAM for the server teams, and a spreadsheet to track network assignments.

    So much for ditching the spreadsheet. emoticons_plain.png

    Here is an example of what I was trying to achieve, where IP Allocation would be actual networks as they exist at a location, and Network Allocation would be the big picture of how our networks are being utilized.  In this example Site1 has,,, and  In the IP Allocations we actually show what networks are in use, so that the server admins can add reservations.  If they need a new network we compare the two lists and add the new network to the IP Allocation group.

    IPAM Thwack.png

  • I would agree that subnet searching is essential also. I have submitted a feature request through support. Hopefully more people will submit feature requests, so that this needed feature is provided in a later release.

  • If you have access to the report writer, or the database manager, you can get this information.

    Create a direct SQL report in Report Writer. The "Description" is actually called "Comments" in the NPM Database.  The database table name is called IPAM_Group.  It would be best if you have access to the Database Manager so you can see all of the column names.

    The most basic query to search for something in the Descption (again called Comments in the DB) is:

    SELECT * FROM IPAM_Group WHERE Comments LIKE '%Jersey%'

    It will return all rows where "Jersey" is somewhere in the description.

    Example: A description with the text "New Jersey" would be returned.

    EDIT: Using SELECT * will return a lot of info, some you may not need. For Just the subnet address info type:

    SELECT Address, CIDR, Comments FROM IPAM_Group WHERE Comments LIKE '%Jersey%'