Creating distinct environments with one Hybrid Cloud Observability Enterprise License?

Is one able to carve out an Enterprise HCO license into multiple instances? For example, if I have a 1000 node license, can I setup 4 distinct environments (with four different SQL servers, i.e., 500 node, and 2 x 250 node environments) and tie them together with EOC?

  • Yes, this is one of the advantages of the HCO license, we call it flexible licensing.  This is an HCO only feature. 

    EOC is included in the Enterprise Scale edition, but is a separate purchase for the Standard edition. 

  • Thank you for this info! I found it difficult to find and your help is appreciated. With flexible licensing can you change the quantities as the environments change? For example, if we have 2 environments setup with HCO, nodes split evenly. Six months down the line one environment shrinks by half and the other doubles in size. Can we move the node counts on the fly with licensing?

  • Yes, you can change the quantities by deactivating the license and the activating with the new quantity.  

    Ex:  I have a 1000 node license, I activate 500 nodes on HCO server A and 300 nodes on HCO server B, leaving 200 in reserve.  6 months later, I need more nodes on HCO server B, I deactivate the 300 node license and activate 350 nodes, and now I have 150 in reserve.