Hybrid Cloud Observability Licensing question

Hi all,

Currently we have an Orion 2002.2.6 installation with individual modules NPM,NCM,SAM,VMAN, IPAM etc all with their own individual license limits.

If we were to upgrade to the HCO license, what limits would we get in comparison to the individual modules.

e.g. NPM SLX module, what does that convert to under HCO, or are you required to specify now a node count?

I'm also interested in the VMAN one, at present we only have up to 16 sockets, but what would be allowed by default under HCO version of VMAN, does it still stay at 16?

We would save on APE / HA Licenses under the HCO model as these are now included as part of the Enterprise Scale Option but I'm curious to find out what modules like NCM, SAM & IPAM would provide as default out of the box.


  • The beauty of the HCO licensing is the simplicity - a node is a node is a node. Therefore, if you have an ESXi host to add, that is one node license consumed, dont worry about sockets anymore. Same for NPM 1 node with 1 interface monitored or 1 node with 300 interfaces is still only going to consume 1 node license under HCO.

    It might be useful for you to speak to one of our account managers who can discuss options and benefits in more detail, as it is important to understand the benefits and costs associated with upscaling to HCO. DM me if interested and I can set you up.