Enginner'sToolset Uninstallation woes


Hello group,

I downloaded the trial version, and tested it for a while.
Decided it was not for me, so I uninstalled it.

After a couple of days, I got problems while attempting to install another SW package.
Some messages indicated it was related to Engineer's Toolset. So, I reinstalled Engineer's Toolset, and the install of the new package went ok.
Uninstalled Engineer's Toolset again.

However, the same story repeated itself several times. Lots of bits & pieces are left over after uninstalling Engineer's Toolset. Did a search on my disk and found plenty.
So, how can I remove it fully and avoiding such problems?

I have asked Solarwinds support, but they refused to help.
Said it was my problem, since I should have installed it on a test machine.

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  • Hit the closest backup or restore point?

    CCleaner might be able to root out some of it; an aggressive registry purge will also help.  If you know where the pieces are, just hunt them down and terminate with extreme prejudice.

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    I tried uninstalling it again.
    Used Wise Registry Cleaner and Malwarebytes Premium to check & remove stuff.

    Deleted every bits of leftovers I could find.
    Searching the disk thereafter, only showed these files being left:


    I also used RegEdit and deleted everything with the name SolrarWinds in it.
    Rebooting machine.

    While running a program (Winlink Express) that tried to update something, I still get the same problem.
    Here are the typical windows that pops up:



    So, what to do?



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    Is this a Windows 10 problem, or a Solarwinds uninstaller problem?