Monitoring Temperatures in SNMP Realtime Graph

Hi all, I'm running into some confusion between different versions of SNMP Realtime Graph, so I hope someone can help me out.

We are currently monitoring all of our devices temperatures with an older version of SNMP Realtime Graph (Version 8.0.19).  We have another PC which was recently updated with the newest version of Engineer's toolset, but this newer version of SNMP Realtime Graph seems to be missing a lot of features that the older one had.  For starters I can't seem to figure out how to save graph settings on the newest version so when I close the graph and re-open, I have to re-enter all of the OID's all over again.  The older version just let me save a file that I could later open up and it would load everything up the way it was before.  I also cannot find anyway to log the data anywhere, the old version allowed me to save everything to a log file but the new version doesn't seem to have this.  The older version also seems to have a lot more settings you can change, allowing you to better customize the graph, whereas the newest version seems pretty watered down in comparison. 

Can someone help me get this setup?  Is there a better way to monitor device temperatures?

  • When you close down Workspace Studio it will remember the settings for each instance of the gadgets including the SNMP Real Time Graph. There seems to be a bug when running SNMP Real Time Graph outside of Workspace Studio. It should remember the settings but that does not appear to work correctly at this time. If you open up a support ticket and reference this thread it will help us to get a fix for this prioritized.

    As far as all of the graphing options being available we provided the most common options. Make sure you check out the general settings tab in the settings screen. When we updated the SNMP Real Time for IPv6 we implemented it with newer technologies as the existing implementation platform was becoming dated. It was not efficient or desirable to make the new version look just like the old one. If you would, let us know which options are missing that you find useful that don't have an acceptable current counter-part and we'll look into how best to handle that.



  • The old SNMP Graph is still included in Engineer's Toolset 10.8. The executable is in the installation folder (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Toolset) and it is named "Deprecated_SNMPGraph.exe". Please open the support ticket anyway.