DPAIM shows dpa data well on main poller website but not show anything on Additional Website


As title shows I have these servers : 

Main Poller

Additional Website 1

Additional Poller 1

Additional Poller 2

Orion DB





everything working well untill I decide to integrate DPA servers with my orion server. right after this I realized that in my main poller website eveything is well and I can see DPA data in my orion platform but at same time when I open my additional website with same admin user I can just see DPA server names and all charts is empty

In DPA Server Details widget I see name of my DPA servers but I see no more info

I try config wizard again on my additional website but nothing changed

My DPA version is 2022.3.7963

and my Orion is 2020.2.6 HF5

  • This should just be a support case because the best way to help you would be to look at DPA.BusinessLayer.log from the pollers or additional webservers.  

    Try the things listed here


    but, I would recommend you open a case load diagnostic logs to it and perhaps post the case # here. 

  • Hi

    Problem Solved!

    The issue was on port that was closed between Additional Website and DPA servers that this never mentioned in documents

    I see that see link 100 times before but in that just say that port must be open between Main solarwinds server and DPA not between Additional Website and DPA

    Issue: Response time from the SolarWinds Platform Web Console to the DPA server takes longer than five seconds


    • Ping from the SolarWinds Platform server to the DPA server.

    • Check the firewall settings on each sever:

      • Ports 80, 17776, 17777, and 17778 must be open on the SolarWinds Platform server.
      • Ports 8123 and 8124 must be open on the DPA server.
    • Check if the Ignite PI service is running on the DPA server.

    So after opening these ports between Additional Website and DPA servers all problems solved.