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DPA stopped monitoring CPU at a specific time

We lost of DPA admin and I am now the DPA admin. I had a user come to me asking why DPA isn't monitoring CPU utilization at a specific time. I went to the chart and when I go to the settings I do not see a setting to check times it is being monitored. Below is a screen shot of what I am seeing.

When I click settings I get this:

Where do I go and what am I missing?

  • It looks like you have an old version of DPA, so I would encourage you to upgrade. When I review the screenshot you sent in, it looks like the metric is being collected, so not exactly sure of the problem. The sampling frequency of these metrics is every minute and it will collect 24x7. The Settings screen allows you to configure thresholds for it but not capture details. What would you like to change about this metric?