DPA: Unable to register IBM DB2 database

Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie with DPA module. Currently, I’re going to demo DPA, SRM for customer.

DPA can register MSSQL or Oracle successfully but can’t connect to DB2 database v10.5. I see error on screen which said that:

"DPA was not able to connect to required views. This can be caused by:

It is less than a supported version. DPA for IBM DB2 UDB supports monitoring of DB2 UDB versions 8.2.2 or higher (or 8.1 FixPack 13)"


I see document of Solarwinds show that this version 10.5 is supported by DPA:


Is it bug of product or anyone have met this issue? Please help me resolve this problem emoticons_sad.png

Thanks for your supporting. Respectful.