Running DPA as a container?

Greetings.  Has anybody run Solarwinds DPA as a container? 

I see the following dockerfile examples at, which seem to demonstrate a docker container.  The build step would download the install software, unzip/untar, then run the installer into /app.

The end results seems to be a directory installation /app/dpa_12_1_701.

However, I would want to persist the data to some volume , so we can restart the container if needed and not lose data.  Are there any references to what sub-directories I should be mapping volumes to?  Should I just be mapping the volume to the head of the tree, ie. "/app"?

docker run -d  -p 8123:8123  -p 8124:8124 --name=dpa  --volume=/myvolumes/dpa_data/app:/app  dpa:0.1

  • There are two sets of information to consider (1) DPA configuration, log files, etc. (2) DPA Repository Database.  

    For #1, I would suggest having the DPA installation directory mapped to persistent storage volumes (e.g. /app/dpa_12_1_701). Also there are configuration options to locate some information stores in different locations than the default such as the FindSQL search index data store. If you locate those elsewhere, they should also be mapped to a persistent storage location. 

    For #2, I suggest not having the DPA repository in the same container - make it external and you can use DB specific containers or non-containers for that database type. 

  • Thank you - I'm in total agreement with the repository being on a separate container (either a managed DBaaS like RDS/AzureSQ, or a separate container within the docker-compose/kubernetes YAML).  That part isn't the problem.

    Going by the upgrade documentation, it seems that the specific portions of the tomcat installation should be:


    So I've started the container, connected to my repository, and now tried copying the contents of each dir to individual volumes.  Will post some results/failures..

    Solarwinds has also confirmed that this configuration is not supported by them - therefore, is it even worth it to pursue?