Script to turn on and off the 'tech connected' notification in the DRE agent

I'm trying out the Dameware Remote Everywhere product and was kind of annoyed that even though I set the profile to enable the "notify when tech is connected" when I installed the agent it would not show that notification.  The checkbox was not ticked on any of the agents that I installed, and had to do so manually to get it to display, not something I wanted to do when deploying it enterprise wide.  The current product we have been using shows a window when one of our Help Desk staff is connected to a system, so our users are used to seeing that.

I found the config file that the agent uses, it's a simple ini file (C:\ProgramData\GetSupportService_Dameware\BASupSrvc.ini) and one of the lines on the bottom half controls the notify checkbox in the app- NotifySessionStart.  Obviously 0 equals off and 1 equals on. 

Since the top half of the file seems to have GUID info that is specific per system you won't be able to just replace the file with a pre-built one, so you have to replace the text instead.  I created a couple of powershell scripts to deploy from the Dameware remote dashboard.  Here is the powershell script to turn the notifications on:

((Get-Content -path C:\ProgramData\GetSupportService_Dameware\BASupSrvc.ini -Raw) -replace 'NotifySessionStart=0','NotifySessionStart=1') | Set-Content -Path C:\ProgramData\GetSupportService_Dameware\BASupSrvc.ini

I just created a new script for powershell, give it a name, and drop that in the body as an explicit script.  When you run it against a system or systems, it seems to take about 30 seconds to a minute to run.  It might take longer depending on the network.  Same thing if you need to create a converse one to turn the notifications off (flipping the 0 and 1 in the script above), so run it a bit before you try to connect to the agent.  In my testing the agent service does not need to be restarted, it seems to read the ini file constantly, but you can add the restart-service command and work in the service name for the dameware agent.

Not being able to turn on and off the agent notification anywhere in the product was a bit of a consternation and a sticking point for me, so when I got this working I figured others might find it useful as well.