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Cannot disable visual effects on remote host.


We have started using Dameware Mini Remote Control recently, It's been great except one thing, I can't disable visual effects on remote host (Win10) although I have disabled all options on "View => Default Host Properties => Remote Options => Desktop Effects". I tried and tried but these options are not working. 

Since all my remote sites (200+) are all using Win10 with visual effects ON (animations, fading...), it's really slow working on it.

Could anybody help as to why these options are not working ?

P.S: Effects are disabled If I disable them directly from the host windows options, but how can I do it remotely (using DMRC) ?


  • Anyone could help with this? DMRC is unusable with remote host visual animations. I need to disable these animations ondemand (just like RDP)

  • Well I guess since this problem has no solution, it's almost impossible to keep using Dameware for remote controlling. Investing in another solution is the proper way to go although it requires extra effort in deployment... but rather that this!