Workaround for damware quick disconnect, infinate password prompt issue

We have a random but somewhat common issue with Dameware disconnecting immediately after a successful connection when taking a remote support call for our helpdesk.  What happens is I see their desktop briefly but then it disconnects and goes white.  If you try to reconnect it prompts for a password and no matter what credentials you enter, its never accepted, even legitimate domain or computer admin passwords.

The workaround:

What I do is run services in the start button search and click to run as administrator and provide domain admin credentials, then keep this up all day.

Then if I connect to a machine in dameware where this happens I  right click on services and connect to another computer and type the computer name in.

When it finally loads, (which takes longer over a VPN) go to Dameware mini remote control service.  It will show as not even started.  Start the service and then you can connect.

When I’m done I right click on services and change it back to local computer to speed it up.  Otherwise if you don’t it remembers the last machine you connected to and next time you run the console you may have to wait for it to time out 120 seconds before it even loads your local services if the remote machine is offline.

Not sure why the service goes to not started state.  I'd love to try to get 12.1.1 but it just spins at me on both my 200mb home internet connection and our 500mb office internet connection.