ARM Template Generator Exchange MAPI options

I'm going through setting up templates with the ARM v2 Template Generator and all is working apart from being able to enable MAPI without setting the "Allow user to Toggle MAPI" too:

If I tick enable MAPI without the "Toggle" option:


The template generates the following output:


and when I go to create a new user the option is there, but its not editable or enabled


However, if I edit the json file and set "DefaultValue" to "true" I get the outcome I want



Is this a bug or by design?


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  • I believe that is a bug and just Paul ( ) can help you.

    Maybe following is interesting for you. We (CUSATUM) working on a solution, that you can write just 1 JSON File as template base for generate multiple ARM Templates. The needed parameters are coming from 1 or multiple CSV files. So that you can customize different version of new ARM Template files for different locations or departments. Advantage is, that you need just on JSON for extension or maybe bug fixing and maintain just CSV files for input parameter like street etc.. Additional you can add another CSV for example with all the departments or different title or positions you have and let the tool generate the needed entries in the JSON output file. So, you do not need any longer maintain 20 JSON files when you need to correct one value. And the clue is that you can schedule that job, if you have daily changes you can have it directly in your JSON.

    Is that interesting for you or anybody else? Then let me know, we will write an article.

  • bad design on my part sorry unfortunately i dont have time at the moment to work on it so you´ll have to use your workaround for the time being

  • Hi Paul,

    No problem, I appreciate the work you've done to create the template generator, it certainly makes the process a lot easier - and, as I did, we can still tweak the output 


  • Hello,
    simplifing the creation of templates would be great. At present we use the ARM Template generator from Paul to create those, which is very helpful. But having only one template source would streamline the process more. So yes. interest from our side