Can a one time recertification be sent for a single user without changing the overall configuration? / One time recertification?

We have configured our entire organization into ARM for AD recertification.  This is configured to reoccurs every 12 months and we do not want to change this schedule.  We need to do a one time recertification with a small subset of users.  How can this be configured without changing the main schedule?  Is there a way to have two different configured recertifications coexisting?

  • Hello tjkru,

    yes you could manually initiate an ad-hoc recertification. You can add for example a separate data owner org and create (temporary) additional structures. It does not influence the defined recertification process strictly speaking it enhances the existing structures. Generally speaking you can execute off cycle recertification as many as you like. ARM archives it and it is available for later checks. The only inconvenience is that you are supposed to send out e-mails manually. To avoid a recurring process for these resources you might remove the certification icon in the configuration after execution.   

    Hope this helps.