New group created with _1


This issue is linked to this one I think :

When I want to set new right on folder, ARM creates a new group with _1 at the end, instead of using the one that already exists

is there a way to tell ARM to use the already created one ?

Maybe using the description field ?

  • if ARM creates a group with _1 as a postfix then the original group is no longer managed by ARM. Or a group with the same name already exists. if you want to use the existing group without a new _1 group just set the permissions with this group and disable the group wizard.

  • Hi

    I deleted the group wirthouth _1, and renamed the other one. ARM seems to be ok with it 

    But I don't know why arm 'thinks' it no longer manages the former group.

  • Did you accidentally change the content of the "description" field?

    It should look something like this:

  • No didn't

    but this issue is related to another one : sometimes ntfs right can't be set on shares from a synology nas through dfs. So arm group is created but not set to folder. when I then try to add new right to folder, arm recreate a new group, with _1 even if there is another one existing with the right ARM description field

  • This doesn't matter. The "issue" with _1 group creation is totally correct if there isn't a arm group set on this specific folder. So ARM has to create a permission group regardless if there exists one in the AD.

  • Did you check the arm server log for errors when you encounter this issue?

  • In some circumstances, it does matter.

    I create a group named "Test" via the ARM Group Wizard, which assigns read rights to the resource "Resource1".

    The description field of the group "Test" says something like "8man://lD//\<path>//<somekindofID>".

    If I give another person read permissions on "Resource1" now, this person will be assigned to the group "Test" by the ARM.
    So far everything is correct.

    But if I empty the description field of group "Test" and then give another person read permissions on "Resource1", the ARM creates a new group "Test_1".
    This is probably because without the description "8man://lD//\<path>//<somekindofID>", the ARM doesn't recognize that it created the group itself, so it creates a new group that is managed by it.

    But that's just for information.
    In this case it obviously has nothing to do with it.

  • In your case you transfered an ARM managed group to AD group which is not managed by ARM. So the behaviour of ARM is totally correct.