Remove "Everyone" group from blacklist?


from time to time I encounter directories where "everyone" permissions exist.
I can't remove these permissions using ARM because the "Everyone" group is blacklisted.
When I remove the "Everyone" group from the blacklist, it is automatically added there again.

Is there any way to permanently remove the "Everyone" group from the blacklist?



Kind regards

  • Hi Jonas, 

    is it possible that you did not save the changes to the blacklist before trying to make the ACL change? You have to either hit the "Apply" button in the upper right or exit the view through the back button and hit "Save".

    For me that works just fine on 2020.2.4. In case you saved the config, how long does it take for the entry to be re-added? 



  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for the reply.

    When I delete "Everyone" from the blacklist, the "Apply" button at the top right remains grayed out.

    If I exit the view using the "Back Arrow" in the top left and then go back to the blacklist, the "Everyone" group is re-added immediately.

    What I notice:
    In the blacklist of the "global file server configuration" the "Everyone" group can be removed.
    In the blacklist of the two file servers below it, however, it cannot be removed (or rather: it is re-added).

    We have installed ARM 2020.2.6.4944.

  • I can replicate the issue, my version behaves the same if i try to change it for anything but the global config. Smells like a bug to me 

  • I have opened a support ticket with Solarwinds and keep you informed.

  • It's a bug:


    Hello Jonas,

    Thank you for contacting SolarWinds Support.

    Our development team has investigated your issue and has identified a bug in our product. We have added this bug to our list of known defects and will prioritize it for future release according to its severity and impact on our customer base.

    All feature enhancements and bug fixes are documented in the release notes and you can keep pace with the latest releases by simply subscribing to our release note notifications via our web portal.

    We value your opinion as a customer, and without you, we wouldn't have such robust features in our products. Thank you for reporting the issue and helping us to make our products better for everyone.