A Getting started discussion with Docker Desktop vs. Rancher Desktop

I saw a post a few months ago about Rancher Desktop.  Until that time, I'd never ever heard of the thing.  From my uninitiated viewpoint, Rancher Desktop looks like Docker Desktop, except specific for Kubernetes. Thinking that's all it was, I stopped reading any more.  I'm already working hard to understand all the nuances of the Docker engine outside of the Desktop application.

But then I came upon an article by Matt Farina (t|g|l) entitled, "Docker Desktop vs Rancher Desktop | Code Engineered." Matt is good about saying that he's a member of the Rancher Desktop team, but the feature comparison chart still got me thinking.

Feature Comparison of Docker Desktop vs. Rancher Desktop

Now I'm thinking to myself, "Maybe you shouldn't be working so much with Docker Desktop as you get started."

Can someone help me navigate out of this analysis paralysis?

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