Shared Files for Server & Application Monitor
  • Remote Web Certificate Check

    This PowerShell SAM module runs on your SolarWinds server to calculate the remaining days until expiration of your remote web service.
  • SolarWinds Orion/Platform HA Health

    There doesn't appear to be an out the box template for this. For anyone with HA pools configured the way we have worked round this is by monitoring the VIP with the Orion Observability template, adding in the MPE/APE with it's own static IP without any applications assigned, and then monitoring the standby server with this template. We then have a separate alert to trigger if the sevices monitored on this template go down. We want to pre-empt any problems with the standby that may prevent successful...
  • SolarWinds Platform Polling Engine - Netflow Collection

    When collecting a large amount of netflow data. It is crucial to monitor specific metrics on each polling engine. This template will look for specific Windows Performance Counters related to netflow collection with a focus on monitoring the netflow drops. When an engine is dropping netflow packets it means that the engine is most likely overloaded. This needs to be assigned to all polling engines collecting netflow traffic (Main Polling Engine and/or Additional Polling Engine). Performance of the...
  • SQL Server 2019 (Lower component count alternative to AppInsight)

    I have created an alternative template to use in place of AppInsight for SQL. This can reduce your total component count and collect most of the same critical information. I did include 2 SQL Server User Experience Monitors in the template to grab active connections and any failed agent jobs in the last 24 hours. The remaining components are mostly Windows Performance Counters and a few process monitors. The component count on this template is just 60 compared to AppInsights' 100+ components. You...
  • DNS Resolution Test

    This application runs a PowerShell script remotely on a target machine and performs a DNS reverse lookup to test the availability of a SubDomain. This returns Argument format: DNS record to lookup
  • PaperCut Site Server

    This template can be used to monitor the critical services for a PaperCut Site Server in your environment. PaperCut Mobility Print Service PaperCut Print Provider PaperCut Site Server There is an additional template to be used for the PaperCut Application Server for your main server in a distributed environment, this template is only intended for distributed Site Server deployments.
  • PaperCut Application Server

    This template can be used to monitor the critical services for the main PaperCut server in your environment. PaperCut Application Server PaperCut connector for Microsoft Universal Print PaperCut Mobility Print Service PaperCut Print Deploy Server PaperCut Print Provider PaperCut Web Print Server There is an additional template to be used for the PaperCut Site Server if you have multiple servers across sites.
  • Check keyword existence in logfile

    Check keyword existence in logfile - if a particular keyword is not present then raise the alert. This Bash script will alert you if a particular keyword is not found into the textfile/logfile. a chron job will run and insert data into log file every 5 mins and then we read the file and if a particular keyword is not found then we alert on the same. You need to use appropriate creds to run the script. we have removed the file from the location after every poll which will allow cron job to create...
  • SQL Sentry Service Monitor

    A template to monitor the 3x services Portal Service Monitoring Service Controller Service
  • SSL Certificate Check Local Machine Certs

    Searches Recursively through all Folders in Certmgr (Local machine) Adjust the settings to your needs - Validity - Folder names to be excluded
  • Amazon RDS

    Overview This template shows metrics for Amazon RDS databases. Included Component Monitors CPU Utilization Freeable Memory Burst Balance Network Receive Throughput Network Transmit Throughput Free Storage Space Read Latency Write Latency Read Throughput Write Throughput Read IOPS Write IOPS Disk Queue Depth Swap Usage Database Connections Maximum Used Transaction ID Transaction Log Disk Usage...
  • Remote Folder Comparison Monitor

    Compares two remote folders (can be the same or different servers). Fails if folders are not identical. Make sure to 'share' the remote folders and set permissions so solarwinds can access the folders.
  • SolarWinds Agents with Unknown Status

    This application template runs a PowerShell script that calls into the SolarWinds API. It finds all SolarWinds Agents in an unknown state and starts monitoring that metric. The metric is cumulative across all polling engines. The message output of the script does break out each polling engine and the percentage of agents assigned to that engine with agents that have an unknown status. Setup Requirements: Assign this to your Main SolarWinds Server Install the Orion SDK, found here ....
  • Local Certificate Expiration

    This script is written in PowerShell and is used to retrieve all server authentication certificates installed on the local machine and group them by their expiration dates. It then outputs the count of certificates in each group and details about each certificate such as the common name (CN), expiration date, and number of days until expiration. To use the script, simply open PowerShell and run it. The script will automatically retrieve all server authentication certificates installed on the local...
  • Total file count by Today

    Check total file count for today
  • Remote Server Cert Expiration Monitor

    This script checks one cert on one remote server for the remaining days left before it expires.
  • VManage Proof of Concept

    This is an example, that is designed as a POC for testing. it includes some sample JSON, but this can be removed, and the relevant variables commented/uncommented as needed. It uses REST to pull status info from the VManage instance
  • Microsoft Cluster-Node Failed Over

    Microsoft Cluster-Node Failed Over This will Monitor the Windows Event Log ID that happens when a Microsoft Cluster Node Fails over
  • Oracle Database (1)

    This template assesses the status and performance of an Oracle database by retrieving performance data from the built-in Oracle statistics views. Prerequisites: Oracle client installed on Orion APM server, available from the SolarWinds customer portal under Additional Downloads. Credentials: Oracle user name and password.
  • CA Autosys Service - PRD

    RHEL Linux Service Monitoring for PROD Environment|PS|26NOV21