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    VMAN 8.4 Reducing VMware Event Noise


      In VMAN 8.4, we introduced VMware event monitoring.


      You can see the release notes here:

      Virtualization Manager 8.4 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

      and the product blog post here: Virtualization Manager 8.4 is Now Generally Available 


      When you first start looking at the captured VMware events, typically you're going to notice a lot of login/logout events. When using an automated workflow tool, or a third party monitoring tool, you're going to see even more of these events.

      For me, I like to start discarding these events right away so I'd like to share how I do that in just a few clicks.


      First, click 'Configure Rules'


      There you can start creating a rule to discard your login/logout events

      Set your Rule Conditions to look for EventType: UserLogoutSessionEvent and UserLoginSessionEvent



      On the Actions, Add an Action to Flag For Discard

      Save your log processing rule and enjoy the clarity of seeing the other more important events occurring your VMware environment in real time.