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    WMI Asset Discovery Problems


      We have been using Web Help Desk for quite some time now, currently running 12.4.2.  We have recently started ramping up our usage of the asset piece.  Due to us not having SCCM or Lansweeper, we are using the WMI discovery and having multiple problems with it.


      1 - Will not reliably detect all of our PCs.  It is detecting probably 400 of the 450 PC's that we have, with no good reason why it is skipping the others.


      2 - Bigger problem seems to be that it is overwriting information in assets.  For example, if it scans IP and finds asset with network name of PC-12345, we then enter hand keyed information about that PC and its owner in Assets.  Then a month from now, it rescans again, and because we are using DHCP, now the PC that has that IP is PC-56789, now it replaces the network name in that asset entry, but leaves all the previous hand keyed information in there.  So we start getting incorrect information in our assets.


      I guess my question is, is the IP address the unique identifier in the database that ties all other fields in the asset together?  And if it is, how do you deal with DHCP and changing IP addresses?

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          We had similar issues. We turned off the IP address import to not record the IP address, and we had to delete the IP address fields of each asset individually. This is not a fix, it is a Band-Aid at best.


          We are also wondering what the unique identifier is. I would suggest the Serial number be the Unique ID, but that is just me.@

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            Here is some more information that I got from support via the case that I had opened up about this same issue.  They recommended setting the default aging value to match our DHCP lease (in our case, 1 day).  I haven't tried it yet but it makes sense in theory.


            - The default aging value (number of days the WHD will remember what computer was found during asset discoveries) is 90 days. This is why I needed to know what you IP lease was as it appears to be very short. We will need to set aging for computer identities to 1 days



            1) Stop WHD


            For windows:

            > Edit the wrapper_template.conf and the following arguments to the # Java Additional Parameters section of %WHD_HOME%/bin/wrapper/conf/wrapper template.conf file




            Where <xx> is the next number from the parameters' sequence.


            For other OSes:

            > Add JAVA_OPTS="-Dasset.agingInterval=51 " to %WHD_HOME%/conf/whd.conf


            3) Start WHD