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    Updating Orion.WorldMap.Point via the Perl SDK


      I've been playing with the new world maps with doing the creating, updating and deletion of points via the Perl Orion SDK. I've had success with creating points with the following:

      my $data = $self->{_swis}->Create("Orion.WorldMap.Point", {Instance => 'Orion.Nodes', InstanceID => $node_id, Latitude => $lat, Longitude => $long} );






      However not having much success with with updates or deletions as both of the following:

      my $data = $self->{_swis}->Update($self->{_swis_url} . "/Orion.WorldMap.Point/PointId=$point_id", {Latitude => $lat, Longitude => $long} );



      my $data = $self->{_swis}->Delete("swis://localhost/Orion/Orion.WorldMap.Point/Instance=Orion.Nodes,PointId=$point_id");


      produce the following error:

      Invalid key properties specified for entity Orion.WorldMap.Point.

      Anyone got any pointers? I've got quite a large amount of location data to import and then allow updates to be carried out from our CMDB. And I also notice it's create multiple pointers for the same node.