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    Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Portal accounts and logins


      Customer Service contact information

      Submit a ticket

      Email: customerservice@solarwinds.com

      Phone:  866.530.8040, Option 1


      How do I login to the SolarWinds Customer Portal?

      Logging into the SolarWinds Customer Portal (https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/) starts with your email address, which is the basis of your individual account for the portal. Accounts are set up initially when a purchase is made, and if there are additional user accounts to be created, this can be done by the Admin of the customer portal.


      Our new process sends out an activation email to any contact that was listed on the purchase or order. You will need to follow the hyperlink in the email to activate your profile to gain access to your portal. 


      What if I didn’t receive the activation email?

      If you have not received the activation email after the initial notification that the order was processed, please view your SPAM/JUNK folders.  The email contains a hyperlink, which some mail exchange securities will automatically move to those folders or strips it out.


      If you do not find the email in your folder, please contact Customer Service and we will assist on getting your activation email to you or you can submit a ticket.


      I received the activation email but the link states it is expired.


      In the pop up that states your registration link has expired, there is an option to resend to you.  The “here” in the sentence “Click here to request a new registration link” will send you a new email and activation link.



      I am activating my profile, what is thwack ID and do I need one?

      The thwack ID is your login information for our community, www.thwack.com.  If you have already created a thwack ID and would like to include it here, you can.


      If you do not have one, you will leave blank or you can go to www.thwack.com and create your account and see what thwack has to offer. 


      What is a SWID (SolarWinds Customer ID)?

      The SWID (SolarWinds Customer ID) is a unique company identifier for your company at SolarWinds. When logged into the portal, you will be able to see your company name and SWID at the top of the screen.


      How can I create a new user account for the Customer Portal?

      From the login screen (www.customerportal.solarwinds.com), choose the “Register” tab.

      The registrations requires two things:

      1. An email address for the account that is being created
      2. A SolarWinds Customer ID (SWID) to which the new account will be added
      3. Upon submitting your email address and SWID, the Admin for that SWID’s Customer Portal will be notified of your request.
      4. The Admin on the account can also create your access and you will receive the verification email to complete your profile activation.

      Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.48.47 PM.png

      What are the different access levels for individual accounts? How do I know which one I have?

      There are two types of access to the portal: Standard Access and Account Administrator. Standard access allows you full access to the customer portal. Administrators have access to additional account administration functionality within the portal and can modify contact types and roles for other users on the SWID.

      Are there plans to add more roles?

      Yes, we are planning to add additional types of access in the future.


      I am the Administrator on my account. Can I add other users to the account?

      Yes, if you have Admin Access in the Customer Portal, you have the ability to add new users to the portal from the Company Account Settings menu option, and select the Add User button.


      Once you add them, they will receive an email to activate their profile and your portal will show them as “pending users”.  Once the new contact has completed their activation, they will show in the list of Approved User.



      What is “pending registrations” and why is it showing in my portal?

      As Admin on your account, any contact that has requested to have access will need to be approved.  All Account Admins will see “Pending Registrations” and can either approve or deny access for that contact.


      If approved, the contact will receive the email to activate their profile. 


      If denied, the contact will receive an email stating that an Admin has denied their access request.

      How do I become an Account Administrator for my company?

      Anyone listed as the business or billing contact, on the original order with SolarWinds will have Admin Access to the customer portal. The existing Admin can make this change for users with Standard Access. Alternatively, to request this access level if you do not already have it, submit a ticket for customer service to assist with this request.


      I have access to several different SWIDs. Do I need different account for each SWID's Customer Portal?

      Only one account is required (based on email address). One account can be linked to multiple SWIDs.


      How do I link different SWIDs?

      Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal

      Select Link Profile to Another SolarWinds ID (SWID) from the drop down menu.

      In most cases, the Account Admin of the requested SWID will review and provide approval.



      Can I change my password for my account?

      Yes, you can change your password from within the customer portal on the “User Profile Settings” page.


      What if I forget my password?

      You can get a temporary password and reset it to a new password using the Forgot Password link on the SolarWinds Customer Portal login page.





      What if someone else in my organization forgets their password?

      The user who has forgotten the password will need to reset the password themselves via the login assistance screens.


      Will Customer Service give me my password if I forget it?

      No, for your security, SolarWinds Customer Service will not have access to your password. You will need to retrieve and change your user profile password via the login assistance screens.


      How do I make updates to my company’s information that is on file with SolarWinds?

      As an Account Admin in the portal, go to the Company Account page. As an Admin, the Account Information Update form can be downloaded and submitted to customer service via email.

      Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.54.56 PM.png

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          johnny ringo


          I like the improvements to the customer portal.  If you are looking for feedback on how to improve it further here is a situation common in my environment.  I would like to be able to restrict access to certain modules and particular license keys per module by user account.  My environment buys many licenses in bulk and shares them accross multiple organizations.  We would like to be able to limit certain accounts to only certain modules and license amounts (ie- one license key for NPM, one license ketyfor NTA, etc) so that they can download product updates and other maintenance features (MIB database) and activate their licenses without having to talk to me to do it.


          hope this helps,



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            Can you please advise how we can not do this and keep using the Solarwinds ID and password? Thanks.




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              One of the things I found a little unclear was how to setup a new customer portal account for another user. I already had a personal account for myself and couldn't remember how I orginally set it up. Looking at the customer portal site there isn't a "sign up" button, only a "Login In". There is a "login assistance" but no "new user assistance" so I was a little confused on how to setup a new user.

              I ended up pulling out my original Customer ID and Password, then logging in. It was at that point that I was prompted with different options such as creating a new account. I had thought that the Customer ID and Password were linked to my account because the screenshot says "After you get setup, you'll use your email address to login instead of the SolarWinds ID (SWID)". To me it sounded like the SWID was converted into my accounts email address and they were now one account but in reality the SWID is the master account used to setup new accounts.


              I think the FAQ could benefit from this entry:


              How to setup a new user to access the customer portal

              In order to add a new user to the customer portal you need to login to the customer portal using your Customer ID and password (not your personal login but the SWID assigned by SolarWinds). Once logged in you will be present will options that will allow you to create a new account for an additional user. You will be able to make this new user a Primary Contact, Technical Contact, etc. Once complete the user will be sent a confirmation email to confirm the setup.

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                We have purchased and Build our Orion suite piece by piece and therefore ended up have 3 or 4 different Customer ID.  I am admin of one of them but do not know who the other admins are, probably people that have left the company.


                Is there a way to merge all these customer ID into one and have all our licenses with the same end date ?



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                    I kinda have the same thing... two SWIDs "(SolarWinds Customer ID) is a unique company identifier for your company at SolarWinds" for one "company". The difference for me is I have access to the "Customer Portal Administrator" (Does that mean "Account Administrator" access level?) for both SWIDs. So, in theory, I should be able to get the admins to give me access to both SWIDs.


                    My question is similar to @monfettey ... Is there a way to merge these two SWIDs without losing the level of detail I currently have separately in each one (license dates, downloads, ticket history, etc)?

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                    As System Integrator, I like to see the change of ownership of the Solarwinds Customer Portal to be easier. Right now we have to download the ACCOUNT INFORMATION UPDATE form; fill it out; sign it. Then send to our customer to have them sign it. And then send it back to Solarwinds and wait. We would like to be able to change the Company information and Login Email right in the portal without going through all these chores.