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    NTA 4.0 fail-over


      Since we released Netflow Traffic Analyzer - NTA - v4.0 earlier this month, some of you have been asking about recommended fail-over deployments.

      We are currently working on certifying a solution based on the SolarWinds Fail-over-Engine - FoE - product. The FoE doc set is here.

      The diagram below illustrates one flavor of such a solution, where the NTA FSDB - Flow Storage Database - is deployed locally to the NPM+NTA server (note that the SQL server is not on the same server as FSDB, as recommended in the NTA FAQ knowledge base doc)

      NTA 4.0 FoE.png

      We are also looking at deployments where FSDB sits on its own machine (neither with NPM+NTA nor with SQL Server) and will recommend here, the appropriate solution for this type of deployment.


      Currently, we do not have an HA solution for remote FSBD.  Our current recommendation is to use the native backup within NTA. NTA Flow Storage Database backups are configured in the Backup Scheduler (NTA Settings > Database Settings > Backup Scheduler). For more details, see Configuring NTA Flow Storage Backups


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