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    The secret lives of web-based reports


      Since the release of web-based reports in 10.6, we've definitely heard from the community the desire to be able to share reports as can be done with Report Writer. That goes to show the involvedness of the Thwack community, and/or the desire to rack up buku Thwack points.

      In lieu of Import / Export functionality available through the UI (yet), we've put together a few quick steps on how to share reports:




      1. Open Database manager or SQL management studio
      2. Connect to Orion server
      3. Select report which you need to export for example: SELECT definition FROM [dbo].[ReportDefinitions] where reportid=129
      4. Copy text from "definition" column to clipboard(ctrl-C) and save it as .xml file. Use UTF-8 encoding when you are saving it! (save as Encoding: UTF-8)



      1. Open URL http://your-Orion-SERVER/Orion/Reports/import.aspx
      2. Select file.
      3. Click import.



      Note: Did we mention don't skip the UTF-8 encoding?