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    List Resources Custom resource for NPM summary page


      I want to be able to add a resource to the main/summary page that shows all of the devices that match my sql/swql criteria.

      I am able to get the swql query to pull up most of the correct information.


      Here is where I am stuck at.


      I want the "Edit Node" & "List Resources" icon/buttons included next to each node that appears on the list.


      The purpose of this list is, devices/nodes will only show up on the list if they need to be edited, and I want my guys to simply go straight into editing the device/node, saving a few mouse clicks as well as page load times.



      So, for example, with the following query we will be able to see all devices that have the 64bit counter enabled.

      (this is important to us, as some devices with this option enabled will incorrectly produce an absurd percentage of traffic)


      SELECT I.Caption, I.Node.NodeName FROM Orion.NPM.Interfaces I WHERE I.Counter64='Y'

      (I know the query does not match the picture, but the point remains...)



      Please excuse the crudely assembled image below, however, I feel it should suffice to provide a full understanding of the task I need to accomplish.



      Endgame, I basically want my screen to be white/blank, if all is good.  When somebody adds a device and forgets to configure it correctly, that device will show up in this resource, and my wonderful white/blank screen will now be tainted with this incorrectly configured device.  Now this device has populated itself on screen, everyone knows if it is on the screen then it needs to be fixed, and they can go directly into fixing the device.


      As an added bonus, it would be wonderful if those "Edit Node", "List Resources", and other buttons did what they are supposed to do, but opened a new tab, instead of using the same one.


      So... anyone have the brain muscles enough, and willing, to help me out on this... ?







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