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    IP Address Manager 3.1 Beta 1 available


      For all who are interested in new features in upcoming IP Address Manager.


      Our engineering team is working on another great features and looking for your feedback. From that reason, we have prepared IPAM 3.1 Beta 1 for you!


      Here is a list of new things related to this beta:

      • Cisco DHCP management
        • Complete DHCP Management dashboard for CISCO DHCP Servers
        • Add, remove, and edit DHCP exclusions, and view DHCP exclusions via the DHCP Scope dashboard
        • Known beta limitations:
          • Manually created reservations on CISCO devices cannot be removed
          • Manually created and edited CISCO DHCP scopes are not being scheduled for scanning


      • DNS Server management
        • DNS Management is now compatible with Windows DNS Servers
        • You can now add, edit and remove DNS Zones.
        • Management of DNS records for Specific IP Addresses.
        • Known beta limitations
          • Can't enable zone transfers for Stub Zones


      • DHCP split scope functionality
        • IPAM now has the capability to split DHCP Scopes across two DHCP servers
        • Compatible with Windows and CISCO DHCP devices
        • Known beta limitations:
          • CISCO devices must be the same IOS version to enable split scope functionality.
          • Removing all exclusions from a scope of a Windows DHCP server will delete the scope.
          • It is possible to split a scope across the same two servers multiple times.



      As always, if you are interested to try IPAM 3.1 Beta, please fill in beta survey: SolarWinds IPAM 3.1 Beta 1 Participation Survey


      We are looking forward to your feedback,