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    Alert on event counts over a period of time


      Does anyone know of a way to make an alert dependent on a certain condition occurring multiple times over the course of a time period?  For example, can I create an alert that will be triggered if a box reboots more than once in a week?  In our environment it's normal for some of my boxes to restart once a week, but it's not normal for them to restart more than that. 

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          You'll have to get very intimate with your database, particularly your Events table, but you should be able to tie in events against Nodes.

          As an example - if a box reboots more than once a week (untested, but the DB query works..)

          Type of Property to Monitor: Custom SQL Alert
          Set up your Trigger Query: Node



          Nodes.NodeID IN (

            SELECT NetObjectID

            FROM Events

            WHERE  NetObjectType = 'N' AND EventType = 14 AND EventTime >= DATEADD(DAY,-7,GETDATE())

            GROUP BY NetObjectID

            HAVING COUNT(1) > 1




          EventType = 14 is the reboot code (see the EventTypes table for a list)

          DATEADD(DAY,-7,GETDATE()) calculates 7 days ago (i.e. in the last week)

          NetObjectType = 'N' pulls only Node events

          HAVING COUNT(1) > 1 for those that match more than 1 time (adjust accordingly)

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            I know this has been answered above by a really complicated 'get intimate with your database' answer but why wouldn't you just have the event (I.E. Last boot time changed) send a trap to your poller and alert on that threshold?